Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Paul Howes Pictures

Paul Howes is a regular visitor to Ardnamurchan, and his stays always produce some marvellous pictures.  He was here recently, and this year has been no exception on the photographic front.

Paul stays at Burnside Cottage, Ockle, where this pine marten visited him expecting to be fed peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Paul took this picture at 8.30 in evening, the pine marten giving him a bit of a shock as he wasn't expecting it until dusk. The photo was taken by hand at 10 feet.

Paul writes, "This fawn was in woods above Ockle, obviously told by Mother to, "stay there or else!" It did not move an inch. The photo was taken at only 80mm focal length, but I didn’t want to get too close as I was concerned about any transfer of scent."

"This pied woodpecker was a regular visitor, a bit skittish, always on guard, so it was difficult to get a decent shot as it was always on the move."

Many thanks to Paul for his pictures.
Burnside is one of Ockle Holidays cottages.

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