Monday, 27 July 2015

Rubha Carrach

Despite the forecast for today being for heavy rain, we set out to walk from Achnaha to the end of the headland called Rubha Carrach, above the cliff sometimes known as the Cat's Face, at the base of which lie Glendrian Caves. The easiest way to get to it is to follow the old track from Achanha to Plocaig as far as the ford on the Allt Sanna....

....crossing it by the stepping stones, and then heading for one of the many gaps in the line of hills to the northeast, from which there are....

....good views all around. This picture looks back to Achnaha, with the ridge called Beinn na h-Imielte running behind it.

The countryside beyond is a rolling landscape of exposed, rounded rock and intervening bog land, all a bit dismal, particularly on a dull day. In fact, the forecast was wrong, as we only had the occasional drops of rain, and the walking good.

Rubha Carrach, with its views of Muck and Rum to the north, has a remarkably flat top from the edge of which.... looks straight down into the bay below. One island in particular is home to a seal colony. Look carefully at this picture and you can count at least twenty, as well as a few cormorants or shags.

From the end of the headland one can look southwest towards Sanna across a wide bay which doesn't have a name. It must have, yet it isn't given on any of the OS maps, however far one goes back.

This is the view east, along the north shore to the distant hills of Moidart.

The end of the headland is a pretty bleak, windswept place, where the vegetation hardly dares grow above 6" tall, yet the ling is further forward here than anywhere else.

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