Monday, 6 July 2015

Sanna in the Sunshine

One just has to keep faith with this place.  Just as the weather seemed to be really getting us down it cleared, and we were rewarded for our patience with one of those Highland mornings which take one's breath away.

This is Sanna at shortly after ten this morning, from the southern end its beaches, near the big house at Sanna Bheag, looking along the shore towards a distant Rum.

We arrived fairly early but there were already people there, some setting out for a walk, others, like these three, looking for something slightly more adventurous.  They may have been....

....members of a party wild camping just at the back of the beach. Scotland's laws on the right to roam and wild camping are amongst the most enlightened in the world, as long as they're followed responsibly.  Sadly, some people bring some strange habits.... packaging up their dog's doings and leaving it on a prominent rock, presumably for our local refuse department to come and collect.  Surely, it's blindingly obvious that the plastic is far more detrimental to the environment that a bit of excrement dug into the sand?

Even Sanna's uncrowded beaches can raise the stress levels of its year-round residents, like this ringed plover parent who chittered at us from a rock because....

....we had inadvertently strayed too close to one of its chicks.

The pleasures of Sanna aren't only to be found along its lovely beaches.  The machair at the back of the sands is still splashed with brilliant colour by the wild orchids - see early blog, below.

We spent a couple of hours wandering along the beaches, stopping to talk to people and taking our time to enjoy the day.  We finished in the hills to the north of Sanna's many beaches - our favourite is in the foreground, covered by the high tide - standing for a while looking across to Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse.

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  1. could you point out that your comment about the local refuse department picking up the dog poo bag was tongue in cheek and visitors should take ALL rubbish away with them. There are no bins at the Sanna car park or on the beach. Residents bins should not to be used either as it is only big black bags that are collected. Any loose individual items are not picked up and the owner has to scoop them out themselves. There is a bin for used poop-a-scoop bags outside my cottage (Tir Nan OG) that people can use if they feel the need to dispose of it before they drive away.