Monday, 27 July 2015

For Lovers of the Outdoors

As part of the summer programme of activities run by the Kilchoan Learning Centre, there are two opportunities for those who love the outdoors and, in particular, walking on Ardnamurchan.  The first, on Wednesday evening at 7pm, is a talk about the many archaeological sites, ranging back almost 6,000 years, which can be found. As an example, the one shown in the picture, which dates back to at least the Bronze Age, was stumbled upon by a local amateur archaeologist who has now found that it has never been described. Details of the talk are here.

The second event is a fossil walk with Trevor Potts, starting at the Ardnamurchan Campsite at 11am on Thursday, which will explore the wealth of Jurassic fossils which can be found along the Ormsaigbeg coastline.  Details are here.

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