Monday, 13 July 2015

Early Bird's Insects

Kilchoan Early Bird has been out with his camera again, and has sent a picture of an unusual insect in these parts in our current weather - a ladybird.  Apparently there are something like 26 ladybirds in Britain which are recognisably ladybirds, and this one looks like one of the most common - elsewhere - a seven-spot.

Less welcome are these caterpillars. In this respect the weather has been kind this year, as the damp start to the summer seems to have constrained the butterflies and moths which are a scourge to the vegetable garden. For example, we've had none of the gooseberry sawflies which, in previous years, have stripped our bushes in a few hours.

Many thanks to Kilchoan early Bird for the pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Don't begrudge these little caterpillars garden space, they are of the Small Tortoiseshell and only feed on any nettles you may have. Gregarious as youngsters, they later spread out to feed singly.