Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pigs Create Sunday Mayhem

Sunday mornings in civilized parts of the worked are for long lie-ins and late breakfasts.  By contrast, in Ormsaigbeg we enjoy the top spectator sport of watching Angus-John chasing pigs.  It beats Wimbledon hands down.

The Background: Hughie is away, enjoying the sun. In his absence, one of Angie's pigs escaped from a run on his, neighbouring croft and managed to get into Hughie's run.  Quite why and how she did this is a mystery, as she would have had to cross a burn and two electric fences.  Perhaps she fancied Hughie's boar, Bobby.

In trying to extricate his pig from Hughie's run, Hughie's pig Hebe - pictured - managed to escape.

Hebe is normally a very docile pig and has never made any attempt before to cross an electric fence, so how she achieved this is another of life's mysteries.  But what rapidly became clear was that a pleasant walk down the road seemed far preferable to returning to her run.

So Angus-John left her to get on with it while he backed his trailer up against the run and, by using some food as persuasion, managed.... get his pig into the trailer.  Once she was in, and out of Hughie's run, it seemed much easier to get Hebe....

....back into the run.

Free-range pigs like these deserve to have a high premium on them when they go for sale, but you can buy Angie's produce at very reasonable prices at the local shop.  We had some of his sausages last week, and they really were very special.

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  1. Doesn't Angus-John know the local art of hog lassoing? That should add to the spectatorial value no end.