Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Herculean Day

Just before ten last night, two more Hercules 'planes flew over - and these were much lower than the MC130J which we saw earlier in the day - see link here provided by an Anonymous commentator yesterday. I had no idea that there were so many variants on the Hercules, and wonder why we should have had such a sudden flurry of them over Kilchoan.


  1. This should explain things :-)

  2. Unfortunately, the photo is a bit unclear [due to light conditions]; so I would suggest that this is an RAF C130J in the stretched form two fuselage plugs, one inserted fore and one aft of the wings to increase the load capacity of the standard 130J. The AAR [Air to Air Refuelling] probe gives it away as a British aircraft as I am sure that the RAF is the only force to have this particular capability in its airlift force, first used in the Falklands conflict. The bulge near the tail by the ramp is probably anti missile defence. The RAF do tend to practice low and ultra low flying 50-250 Feet above ground level.


  3. Many thanks, Rob and Tony. Jon