Saturday, 11 July 2015

Kilchoan 8 - 2 Coll

Kilchoan FC played Coll FC at home this afternoon and, within minutes of the kick off, went a goal ahead. Despite this shaky start, Coll (in blue) fought back and, at one point early in the first half, the score stood at 3-2.  But Kilchoan were altogether too strong a team, and were playing the sort of football that's a pleasure to watch from a small village team.

This was the goal, fairly late in the first half, which took the score to 5-2 and effectively clinched the match.  From then on, although Coll never gave up, Kilchoan stormed on.....

....with team captain Iain MacDonald seen here putting away his fourth goal of the match.

Little wonder Iain was jubilant when he received the shield from Amanda Gain at the end of the match - but he was generous to Coll in his speech, pointing out that weather had meant that they had been unable to field a full team - for anyone reading this who doesn't know the geography of this area, Coll is an island some 30km to the west of Kilchoan across some fairly choppy waters.

This is undoubtedly Kilchoan's premier match of the year, and the rivalry on the pitch is intense, but once off it.... both teams headed for the pub.

This is the third match of the season for Kilchoan, and they remain unbeaten.  Well done!

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