Monday, 20 July 2015

A Big Landslip

Landslips are common along our coastlines, and seem to be increasing in number.  This is one of three just to the west of Bourblaige, with another, smaller one, just beyond it.

Prompted by the recent post about the dangers of a slip along the road at Ardslignish brae, a reader has sent in this picture....

....whose size puts our landslips into perspective. This slide occurred at Nashri, along the road to Kashmir. My correspondent writes, "People had to wait, sometimes for hours, between slips. Each small group was then escorted across, the convoy lead vehicle being a Caterpillar D6 bulldozer.

"Today, after various failed attempts at by-passes uphill and downhill, the Jammu & Kashmir authorities are just completing a huge tunnel project which leads away from this unstable area up another valley."

Perhaps Highland Council could build us a nice tunnel underneath Beinn Bhuidhe.

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