Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Mist Clears

The haar lay across the water almost all day yesterday until, in the late afternoon, a northerly breeze rose and set about dispersing it.  In this picture, which looks out across Kilchoan Bay, grey tendrils of mist seems to be lifted into the sky.

By morning the village was swathed in mist again, with the foghorns sounding from ships passing through the Sound of Mull.  This photo shows the limited view from the main entrance to Mingary Castle.

By mid-morning the mist had pulled back from everywhere except the main shipping channel in the Sound of Mull, and we basked in sunshine.  This view was taken from the castle's sea gate, looking across towards the CalMac pier.

Shortly afterwards, one of the local creel boats, the Harvester, motored across a mirror-calm sea towards the mouth of Loch Sunart.  Creel fishing in dense mist, with big ships hardly bothering to slow down, can't be any fun.

With the last of the mist cleared, Kilchoan enjoyed a truly glorious summer's day, with the thermometer rising to 26C and strawberries from the garden for tea.

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