Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Feast of Events This Weekend

The coming weekend is going to be a very busy and, hopefully, thoroughly enjoyable one.  To start with, on Friday we have the fourth annual Kilchoan Pram Race from Ormsaigbeg to the Kilchoan Hotel.  The event starts at 1.00pm, and entry forms are available either from the hotel or by emailing kilchoanpramrace@hotmail.co.uk - more details here.  Picture shows the 2011 event - competitors wear fancy dress.

Then, on Saturday, Kilchoan Football Club meets Mull Thistle, at the Kilchoan football pitch next to the Community Centre, kick off 2.30pm.

On Sunday 28th the Ardnamurchan Transitions team, the archaeologists who found the Viking boat burial, will be holding their Annual Open Day at Swordle.  It runs from 10.30am to 3.30pm - follow the signs on the Swordle road.

As part of the event, Somayyeh Mottaghi from Archaeology Scotland has some special events for the children. They include, amongst other things, Viking and Iron Age artefact handling kits; a quern and grinding stone; and an ancient wood drill technology kit.

Archaeology Scotland are also arranging for a geo cache activity which will involve kids using maps to find “objects”, which are actually printed pictures that have been laminated of Viking artefacts. They hope to get the kids to start thinking about why the Vikings were in the bay, where they may have settled, and what their day to day activities may have been. They will also be running a little crafty activity for clay Thor amulets.

On Monday 29th, the Transitions team will be giving a talk at the Kilchoan Community Centre at 8.00pm entitled "Past, Present & Future: Archaeology in Ardnamurchan".  All Transitions team events are free.

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