Sunday, 14 July 2013

Kilchoan FC v Coll FC - Match Report

From Louis MacKenzie:

Kilchoan v Coll is always a big game, and yesterday's was no exception.  The visiting team kicked off at 12.07.  Five minutes in, Iain MacDonald was brought down outside the box, Mark Dornan took the shot, but put it into the keeper's hands.

With the match ten minutes old both teams were looking good and both had chances.  Soon after, Coll's forwards were putting pressure on Kilchoan but Kilchoan defence was playing a very effective off-side trap, catching Coll three times in the first half.

After twenty minutes play Iain MacDonald was played through and had to take the shot quickly, but the Coll keeper did well to come out and save it.

With the first half nearly over, Gordon MacKenzie fouled a Coll player.  The resulting free kick went way over the bar.

With the game in stoppage time the Kilchoan defence failed to clear the ball, and Coll seized the opportunity to put the ball into the bottom right-hand corner of the net, so the first half ended Kilchoan 0, Coll 1.

Within five minutes of the start of the second half Iain MacDonald scored an equaliser for Kilchoan.  He brought the ball down nicely with a good turn, and used a dipping shot to put the ball into the bottom left-hand corner.  The score was now 1-1.

Coll reacted quickly, slipping the ball through the Kilchoan defence, but keeper Justin Cameron made a fine save.

Kilchoan had more good chances but Coll dealt with them.  Then, 65 minute in, Kilchoan gave away a free kick.  The Coll player who took the shot put it straight through a poorly-organised wall, so keeper Justin didn't see it.  So Coll took the lead 1-2.  In the 84th minute Coll nearly finished off Kilchoan, but Justin made another great save.

It was a fast game that moved rapidly from end to end, and the result could have gone either way.  As it was, Coll lifted the trophy again, making it three wins for Coll and two for Kilchoan.

Kilchoan's man of the match was Gordon MacKenzie for his great display in defence, winning every header and tackle, and managing to stay on for the whole game.

The game was played in very good spirit - which shows in this team photograph taken at the end of the match.

Many thanks to Louis MacKenzie for the report.
Louis is a student at Ardnamurchan High School

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  1. Helen Sonachan.14 July 2013 at 16:50

    Excellent report Louis, enjoyed reading it.