Friday, 26 July 2013

High Tide, Flat Calm

The morning started with a dull drizzle, but we were out on the water at nine to catch the high tide and enjoy a mirror-calm sea.  For the younger member of the party, the launch started at the top of the shingle beach....

....and ended with a slightly disappointing splash, the speed limited by the height of the tide.  It's just as well we have plastic kayaks: as well as giving them this sort of treatment, half the fun of paddling around in flat calm is crunching into rocks.

The main purpose of the expedition was to get some training for next Friday's regatta.  We've been kindly lent a double kayak, so might have a go in the mixed doubles.  This will be quite an occasion as, if it happens, it will be the Diary's first regatta race.

Along the coast we saw a fish box washed up on the beach.  We feel a bit bad about taking them home as they're someone's property, but the bottom of this one was stove in, so had obviously been thrown overboard for this reason.  A quick repair will make it a useful planter for mixed salad leaves.
From the sea we looked up to the new house at the end of Ormsaigbeg which is nearing completion.  It's a big house, but the wood cladding brings it in to proportion.  To the right is the croft house, Lag na Leon.

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