Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mist across the Sound

Yesterday, after a beautifully warm, still day, the Club Med 2 slid quietly up the Sound.  Because of the lack of wind she was motoring but her five masts carry some 26,000 square feet of sail.

She's run by a French company, Club Med, which has resorts all round the world but runs just the one ship.  Club Med 2 offers cruises aimed at the health and fitness market.

By morning, the still air had allowed banks of mist, or haar, to develop across the Sound of Mull but these moved and extended wider until....

....much of the sea between Kilchoan and Mull lay in misty, eerie calm.  Throughout the morning large ships like the Clansman sounded their foghorns as they made their way through the Sound, not to warn other large ships so much as the smaller yachts, motorboats and even kayaks that are out in these calm conditions.

However, the sun constantly tried to break through, and when it did it produced this rainbow effect which Kilchoan Early Bird, who took the last two pictures, has named a 'cloudbow'.

Many thanks to Rachael Haylett for the view of the Sound, and to
Kilchoan Early Bird for the third and fourth pictures.

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