Saturday, 13 July 2013

Strimmer Man

This is one very hot, sweaty and worried strimmer man.  He's doing his best to keep the verges along the community's roads in the best condition they've been in years, but everything's against him.  For a start, the weather is warm and humid, he's made even hotter by having to wear a high-vis jacket, helmet and visor, and the flies just love all that sweat.  But what's bugging him most is that people keep trying to run him over in their cars.

So he has to stop every few seconds to check the traffic.  He's put a notice by the side of the road warning that strimming is in progress but, like just about every notice that's ever existed, nobody reads it or, if they do, they ignore it.  So he put an orange light on top of his pickup, but the pickup gets further and further away as he works along the road and, in any case, everyone also ignores orange lights.

The Diary, trying to be helpful, suggested he put the orange light on top of his helmet, and was told to go and find somewhere very deep and dark into which to jump - or words to that effect.

So, please, will all drivers try NOT to run over our strimmer man.  Instead, stop and be nice to him.  Tell him what a good job he's doing.  You could even offer him a cold drink

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