Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Orchids in Full Bloom

West Ardnamurchan's wild orchids are in full bloom now, and this is arguably one of the best shows of recent years.  Walking down the Ormsaigbeg road to the shop, we're noticing blooms where there weren't any last year.

Most of those on display are from three species.  The one above is a fragrant orchid.  It has slightly thin-petalled flowers but is most easily recognised by its delicate scent.

This tower of blooms is a magnificent heath spotted orchid, one of the most common and one which is doing exceptionally well in the hedgerows.

Although there were finer specimens of the northern marsh orchid which bloomed earlier elsewhere in the village, this is one of a compact group of eight which are making a fine show.  These later ones seem to have fewer blooms than the earlier-flowering, but their rich colour is always a pleasure.

Amazingly, all these orchids are growing in one rocky, sloping Ormsaigbeg croft field, within a few feet of each other.

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