Monday, 15 July 2013

It could have been the 18th Century

This picture of a schooner moored off Portuairk on the evening of 11th July has been sent in by Jim Caldwell.  The AIS system for ship identification doesn't work in the waters off the township, and Jim is anxious to know her name.

As Jim says, "Portuairk is certainly the centre of the known universe with many magical properties not least being the ability to stay hidden from big brother's watchful eye. What happens in Portuairk stays in Portuairk! Who's to say that there wasn't a time warp back to the 18th century when the schooner moored for the night off Port Mackie."

Many thanks to Jim Caldwell for the picture.


  1. What a beautiful scene! The contrasting silhouettes of Muck and Rum are wonderful. I hope it is as calm and pleasant when we come up next month!

  2. Virginia Jones16 July 2013 at 02:05

    That is a lovely photo but it is a topsail ketch and NOT a schooner!

  3. Jim realised he had mis-identified the boat's rig but by that time I, in my ignorance of such things, had posted the entry. She is the Bessie Ellen, website, and her owners have asked Jim if they may use the picture. Jon