Friday, 5 July 2013

A Life of Bliss

Everyone who lives in remote, rural communities such as those on West Ardnamurchan knows that the cost of living is far higher than for people living in more urban areas.  It's a fact of life, it's not complained about, there are many compensations for living in such a beautiful place, but it's good, every now and then, to see that someone has noticed, and quantified it.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise has just published a report, A Minimum Income Standard for Remote Rural Scotland which, in essence, describes the cost of living in rural Scotland as being between 10 and 40% more expensive.  To quote the 'Scotland: National Rural Network' website, here, "Higher fuel bills, cost of travel to work and the higher price of food and other goods make for higher living costs all have a major impact on rural cost of living."  It's interesting to note that the pain affects pensioners much less than couples with a family.

We only noticed this report because it was on our local radio news this morning.  It's a report which will be ignored and forgotten - rural areas are not politically significant.

Never mind.  Like the pigs, we'll go back to our contented rural existence.  They're particularly happy at the moment because Hughie's away, and they're being looked after by someone who gives them much more love and attention.

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