Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Poorly Orange

The Diary's correspondent - see post here - reports that West Ardnamurchan has Orange, T-Mobile and Three connections again.  They came back on Saturday afternoon, so those of you with contracts coming on holiday can relax, a bit.

Our correspondent writes, "Orange Tec rang to say that the signal was back but was not yet fully operational. They have several issues and it will still be a while before the repair is complete. The guy I spoke to could not give me any useful information on the cause - except that the mast is very poorly!

"This is connected to a 'phone call I had from a lady called Alison who described herself as working on behalf of the Chief Executive, Mr Olaf Swantee, handling customer issues.  She had tracked down the mast and stated that Orange were showing it as working correctly. I gave her the FULL explanation. I made a point of being very pleasant and explaining that, although it was inconvenient for business users such as myself, I was more concerned that there was no emergency signal. She promised to look into it."

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