Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Boats in the Bay

Yesterday saw some welcome spells of sunshine as well as the occasional thin shower.  This picture shows the boats in Kilchoan Bay in the early evening.  The numbers are increasing steadily as we head towards the West Ardnamurchan Regatta on 1st and 2nd August.

This, much bigger boat, couldn't fit in to Tobermory Bay.  When we woke this morning, The World was anchored off Tobermory and beginning to ship its passengers ashore.  The World doesn't describe itself as a cruise ship, though what it does is to cruise steadily around the world.  It prefers to call itself the world's largest yacht, being privately owned by the people who have each bought one of the 165 'on board residences'.  In some ways, it's best described as a floating apartment block.  See the website here.

Sadly, The World chose a miserable day to visit Tobermory.  It was grey and misty first thing, but conditions rapidly deteriorated until we were bathed in almost steady rain.  It's a shame, as this is a beautiful coastline on the right day, every bit as lovely as any other destination The World might have chosen.

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