Monday, 22 July 2013

The Future of the Parish Church

Many readers of the Diary will be aware that the parish church, seen at bottom right in this picture, needs extensive repairs.  When Fiona Ogg, the minister, carried out a recent survey in the area to find out what people thought about the future of the building, she quoted an estimated, just to make it weatherproof, of some £100,000.

Today Fiona issued the following statement:

"At a recent joint meeting of the Kirk Session and the Fabric Committee, it was decided that the Church building will be retained. Many different options had been discussed on the way to this decision but restoration and refurbishment was felt to be the way ahead.

"Those responsible for making the decision did so with prayer and sought the opinion of the local community. By seeking how best the church, as a people, can worship God and serve both the local and wider community through use of the church building, it is hoped that Ardnamurchan Parish Church will continue to be a symbol of God's presence here for many years to come, and be a further resource for the community.

"What of the future? At the moment the Kirk Session and Fabric Committee have again approached the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland for advice on restoration work on the external fabric of the building. It is hoped that work will start before winter.

"Restoration will be a long process; finance and patience will be needed. However, with prayer, goodwill and community support, this project should result in a building that will be weatherproof, warm, versatile and ready for a future at the heart of the community."

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