Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'Shepherd's Hut' Arrives

Very appropriately for an area which hosts hundreds of the wooly beasts, Kilchoan now has its first shepherd's hut.  It was delivered late this morning by Hughie MacLachlan who, with new owner Rob Bolton, left yesterday morning to drive all the way down to Lancaster to collect it.

It has been sited close to the shore and Lochan na Nal in the bottom field of Craigard Croft.  For the last few weeks a corncrake has been calling in the flags around the lochan, so the hut is ideally placed to watch and listen to this rare bird's activities.

Unfortunately, Hughie delivered the hut the wrong way round, so the first thing that had to be done was turn it round.  The hut is on small, iron wheels, so this should have been an easy task, but the area prepared for it was a mixture of cobbles and gravel, into the wheels had a nasty habit of sinking.

However, thanks to the use of boards, Hughie's technical expertise and, as joint owner Dale Meagan put it, a "team building exercise", the shepherd's hut was orientated so it has magnificent views across Kilchoan Bay to Ben Hiant, and across the Sound of Mull towards Tobermory.

The hut joins other unusual forms of rental accommodation on West Ardnamurchan, including a yurt - see link here.  The hut will be available for rent as soon as Rob Bolton has fitted it out, and a wonderful holiday destination it will make.

Many thanks to Dale for some of the pictures.


  1. Dave McFadzean - Moniaive19 June 2013 at 20:14

    Looks a lot like the old roller driver's wagon we used when I worked on the roads but without the wheels.

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