Sunday, 30 June 2013

Moving the Pigs

Hughie came up to Ormsaigbeg this morning to move the pigs.  Fortunately, he brought his son Stuart with him, otherwise heaven knows what would have happened.

The first job was to feed the pigs and, while they were distracted by their food, take down the electric fence and move it nearer the road - because, so Hughie said, people have been complaining to him that they couldn't see the pigs in their old run down the field.

Of course, while Stuart cracked on with laying out the posts, his dad got the electric fencing wire in a terrible tangle.

Then Stuart had to supervise while Hughie knocked in the stobs that hold the four corners of the electric fence....

....and he had to put the battery that they had been using, which was a bit run down, into the pickup....

....and collect the new battery, a much bigger and heavier one which The Diary couldn't lift, and take it to where it needed to be positioned.  While he was doing this he was telling The Diary how he wanted to be a crofter when he grew up, and do it properly.

The pigs didn't seem too bothered about the fact that their best chance of escape in ages was being missed.  Betsy and Bobby only had eyes for each other - which is rather bad news for Hughie as Betsy is supposed to have been in piglet for some months now.

Having sorted the batteries, Stuart had to make sure that Hughie hooked the new one up correctly, and, to be perfectly certain it was working....

....he told his dad to grab hold of the wire.

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  1. What a lovely young lad; his Dad will be very proud I am sure.