Friday, 28 June 2013

A Dreich Dee

The Scots have a wonderful word, dreich, which perfectly describes the type of weather which is all too common along the west coast.  Look it up on Google, and it translates as anything between wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary, and downright miserable.  Yesterday was dreich, and this morning even more so, and between them they provided us with almost an inch of our unique Kilchoan sunshine.

A trip down to the ferry terminal this morning for the Loch Linnhe's 10.15am crossing to Tobermory provided some very dreich photo opportunities.  From the CalMac slipway, Mingary Castle, about a kilometre away, was almost lost in the mist and drizzle.  Despite the weather, archaeological activity continues there apace - you can follow progress at the Mingary Castle website, here.

The views may be restricted, but the green of the countryside at this time of year shines through - this view looks from Kilchoan village across the bay to Ormsaigbeg.  The land really does need some rain as, although it has started a fairly dull summer, total precipitation has been low.  Now, with the first strawberries just starting to ripen, we now need a good dose of sun.

Dull as the day might be, there's always something of interest to watch.  This morning it was this wagtail.  It looks like the young of the pied wagtail - please someone correct this if it's wrong.

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