Saturday, 8 June 2013

Great White

One day a couple of years ago Martin Summers was watching this basking shark moving close inshore off Ockle Point, on West Ardnamurchan's stunning north coast.  At the same time, he was aware of a kayaker a bit further out, coming along he coast from the east, heading towards Ardnamurchan Point Lighthouse.

The basking shark, curious about the intruder, circled round and came up behind him.  As can be seen in the top picture, one can often see three points of a basking shark above the surface - its nose, dorsal fin, and tail - but he came up behind the kayaker with just his dorsal fin showing.

"I'm sure he thought it was a great white," says Martin, "because he suddenly saw it and put on an impressive turn of speed....

....not slowing down until he was well clear."

Bet he had a wonderful story to tell in the pub that night.

Many thanks to Martin Summers for allowing the Diary to use his pictures.

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