Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Summer Activity

The wind started the day in the southeast but steadily backed through the morning until it was firmly in the north, a direction which usually brings us bright, sunny, if cool conditions.

For reasons best known to them, the heathers in our front garden have been in flower for most of the latter part of the winter, so as soon as the sun came out, and the air temperature hit 10C, the local insects descended upon the flowers.

We had masses of honey bees from Trevor's campsite down the road on both the white and....

....the purple heather, a golden opportunity to indulge in a favourite summer occupation - trying to catch pictures of them using the camera's macro setting.

It soon became evident that it wasn't only bees which were active. At least three varieties of fly....

....were busy, as was what might have been a small wasp - though it declined to be photographed. Noticeably absent were the bumblebees - they obviously prefer a slightly higher temperature.

Not all the bees will be returning to their hives this evening. The warm weather has also brought out the spiders which have spent the winter waiting for the moment to spin their first webs.

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