Thursday, 23 February 2017

Spring Rushes In... and Out Again

Yesterday, spring seemed to be arriving with indecent haste and a little earlier than usual. We had two song thrushes doing choral battle in our garden in the morning, and....

....the local robins, of which we have at least four coming to, and arguing over the bird tables, were almost as loud.

Perhaps it was the blue skies and a thermometer which read over 13C just before midday which were driving them, as well as....

....bringing the honey bees from Trevor Potts' hives onto the heather bushes in our garden, all of which are in exuberant flower. Not that it was all fine weather. Like a shooting star, the white streak at top right in this picture is a passing hailstone.

Down the Ormsaigbeg road, the catkins were in flower while....

....the celandines were out on one sunny bank - the first ones of 2016 were reported on 24th February.

Meanwhile, Sue, who was on holiday last week and staying at The Ruin, managed to find a very early primrose.

By this morning spring had retreated in disarray, with the thermometer plunging below 2C overnight and snow almost down to sea level at eight this morning, driven on by a chill northerly wind. The picture shows the Loch Linnhe arriving from Tobermory.

Many thanks to Sue for the picture.

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