Friday, 17 February 2017

Buzzard Ambush

I'm the top raptor around here, the lord of Ardnamurchan's lands and waters, the master of all I survey, so when I take a gentle perambulation along my fiefdom of Ormsaigbeg I don't....

....expect to be ambushed by a wretched little buzzard who, the coward that he is, comes at me from one of my blind spots, and....

....very nearly causes me to stall and come tumbling out of the sky in a heap of undignified feathers.

In fact, I only just managed to recover after which, thank goodness, the buzzard turned away, leaving me.... regain my regal dignity and continue upon my way.


  1. great stuff, planet earth III

  2. Oh my! What a catch - you were alert.

  3. Great sequence John, illustrates the magnificence of the Eagle and the comparison of size. Good work !