Thursday, 2 February 2017


The daylight hours are drawing out and the robin's thoughts are turning to.... territory.


  1. Robin facts:
    Sexes alike. Both male and females sing. They are very territorial and aggressively defend their patch and during the winter, a female will establish a feeding territory for herself. Continental robins arrive for the winter and return in spring. Mortality is high when young but once established, they may live to late teens. Magnetic navigation capability is a topic of extensive research at the atomic level. UK's favourite bird.

  2. Dr Brooke writes, "Teenage wild Robins are exceedingly improbable. From around one million Robins ringed UK-wide, the oldest in the files of the British Trust for Ornithology (which coordinates bird ringing) is just 8 years and 5 months."

  3. I should have learned by now not to accept outright what I read on the web! (my source for longevity was Wikipedia) the rest came from Radio 4's Tweet of the Day.