Friday, 10 February 2017

Wild Swimming

The BBC forecast promised a bright, sunny day so we left the car along the lighthouse road and followed the track that goes past the Achosnich school house and over the hill to Sanna. This view looks back down the track towards the school house, left, and Achosnich, right.

As seems the case more often than not these days, the BBC was wrong, a layer of cloud sitting over us all day. Despite this, the views in the clear air across the Sanna beaches to Eigg (right), Rum and Canna were spectacular.

The tide was falling when we reached the beaches, so this line of otter prints was recent. We didn't see the otter but....

....having been pre-warned by friends in Ayrshire that something interesting might be happening at Sanna today, we approached a surprisingly cheerful man considering he looked as if he was about to go in for a swim. This is Calum Maclean, and Calum is taking part in a series being filmed for BBC Alba about 'wild swimming' - which seems to mean swimming in wild places in temperatures just above zero.

The director/producer/film-maker is Alasdair Maclean - no relative - who is making this series which is being funded by MG Alba and will be broadcast some time in late spring or early summer.

It's called Dhan Uisga, Into the Water, and they've already filmed around Loch Lomond and Skye. It's good to see that Ardnamurchan is at last being recognised as ranking alongside these better-known places.

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  1. Bidh am prògram sin glè intinneach. I look forward to catching it later in the year. Not sure anything could tempt me into the water at this time of year though!