Monday, 20 February 2017

Where Bound?

There was a time when one of the few ways of finding out where a ship was going was to contact it with an Aldis lamp with the words "What ship?" and then, if you were lucky enough to receive a reply, "Where bound?" This was often the job of the ship's cadets dragged from their bunks in the early hours of a morning when a bored officer of the watch spotted a distant light and was looking for entertainment.

These days, all one has to do is go to the Marine Traffic website - here - where the ship's intended track is recorded.

So the Yeoman Bridge, above, when she passed Kilchoan this afternoon, was on her way from Glensanda quarry to Brunsbuttel, Germany. More, she was travelling at 11.3 knots, had a draught of 13.2m, and is due Brunsbuttel at 6am on Thursday.

There are no mysteries in life any more.

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