Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dawn Across the Sound

The sun looked to be fighting a losing battle against cloud soon after sunrise. This picture looks towards the mouth of Loch Sunart, with Ardslignish Point at left and the hills of Morvern to the right. The ship just visible in this photo....

....was passed by Kilchoan Early Bird as he went about his business. It's the Ronja Commander, a well boat which carries live salmon to and from the various fish farms in the area. This morning it was bringing in young fish to Marine Harvest's Maclean's Nose site.

By half past eight it looked as if the sun had lost, with heavy grey clouds dominating this scene looking straight down the Sound of Mull but....

....within half an hour the sun had routed the opposition and was shining warmly on the southeast-facing slopes of Ormsaigbeg.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for his picture.

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