Monday, 6 February 2017

A Southeasterly Storm

A southeasterly built all morning, with the forecast promising gale force winds by afternoon with gusts to storm force 10. Our day started with a sea eagle patrolling back and forth along the shore below us, as if it knew that if it was going to eat today it would need to be soon.

Around half past eleven the Raasay came across from Tobermory but almost immediately turned back - we're not sure she even came in to the slipway. Most other ferries along the west coast had already been cancelled.

By one o'clock the winds had risen to force 7, the waves coming straight in onto the Ormsaigbeg shore. They weren't particularly big - the fetch, the distance the wind blows across a stretch of water to create waves, being relatively small - but....

....walking along the coast was exhilarating. One's senses were overwhelmed by the buffeting of the wind, the roar of the sea, and the sting of salt spray. As the waves smashed against the rocks....

....spume collected in the lee of rocks and blew inland.

It's not often that one has such a strong wind without rain, so it was an ideal chance to grab pictures, though the lens had to be constantly wiped clear of salt.

The gulls too seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, swooping down into the breaking waves to pick up morsels of food.

By two o'clock the average wind speeds were gale force, and gusting well above, bringing driving rain.

What we're experiencing is caused by an occluded front of a deep depression out in the Atlantic - this clip from - but the worst of the winds should ease through the night.


  1. Salt water on your camera! Is this a new camera or the old one with the faulty switch?

  2. The new one. My cameras are regularly soaked in salt.
    Of course, once I bought a new camera the old one mended its on/off switch. Jon