Friday, 24 February 2017

Early Arrival

Tony Thain's garden in Achnaha is a paradise for birds and small animals, including hedgehogs: he refers to its feeding facilities as a 'restaurant'. Little wonder then that he occasionally finds some unusual visitors - and this may be one.

Tony thinks it may be a skylark, arriving very early so it can establish a prime bit of real estate ready for the breeding season. Can anyone confirm this?

Many thanks to Tony for the picture.


  1. I would say certainly a Skylark,... it would have been nice to see the birds crest that it can put up just to confirm

  2. Thanks for your ident. Later the bird raised its crest after I had sent the photo to the diary, confirming that it was an early skylark.


  3. Yes, Skylark John.

    Many thanks for your visit to Birds2blog which is how I found your blog. I shall keep an eye on you from time to time.

    Regards Pete.

  4. We're a lot further south than you - East Yorkshire - but we have skylarks singing above the fields now.

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