Monday, 27 February 2017

Badger Casualty

Out & About found this badger yesterday, sad casualty of a passing vehicle, on the road near the bridge across the Allt Torr na Moine just this side of Camas nan Geall.

Badgers aren't common at this end of the peninsula - Out & About says that he hasn't seen one in upward of three years - and those we have tend to be migratory: they've visited Ormsaigbeg, Portuairk, the Skinnid area, and Bourblaige.

Many thanks to Out & About for the picture.


  1. It is suggested that badgers eat hedgehogs. In our part of Devon we have a lot of badgers and no hedgehogs: Having seen many Diary posts of hedgehogs, I wonder, is the opposite true in West Ardnamurchan?

  2. Similarly here in Norfolk we have many badgers and very few sporrans.