Saturday, 18 February 2017

The War Memorial

From Kenneth Cameron:

It would be great to collate specific details about each individual on the war memorial in Kilchoan. To this end, I am looking for anyone who has information about or is related to any of the men named on the memorial and listed below. Any information, no matter how small, would be useful. Photographs would be an added bonus - it would be great to put faces to names. There are possibly others from the area who were killed in either of the wars but are not included on the war memorial: their details would also be of interest.

I have managed to find basic details of the deaths/burials/regiments/ships sailed on, and in some cases the names of the U-boats responsible for sinking the ships. The next step is to research the individuals' military/naval records. There are some anomalies and inconsistences, which is to be expected, and a few whose details are limited. It will take a few more months to research these and confirm details.

So far, I've learned that the dead are mainly from the merchant navy and army and include individuals from New Zealand and Australia who had emigrated from Scotland leaving relatives in the Kilchoan area at the time of the wars.

I feel it’s very important to record as much information as we can about these individuals for this generation and future generations. Hopefully when we have sufficient information, we can produce a detailed report for the community.

Anyone with information or photos can contact me by email at

The names on the War Memorial are

Great War:
Duncan Stewart d1915
Duncan MacLachlan d1916
Archibald MacPhee d1917
Allan Cameron d1917
John Cameron d1918
Donald Nisbet d1918
Donald Stewart d1918
Angus MacGillivray d1917
John Cameron d1917
Hugh MacPhee d1917
John MacLachlan d1917
John Livingstone d1918
John MacGillivray d1918

Second World War:
Alexander Cameron d1939
Hugh Henderson d1940
John Connell d1940
Alexander Campbell d1941
Norman Mackenzie d 1941
William Mackay d1941
Allan C MacDiarmid d1941
John Carmichael d1941
Donald Campbell d1941
Reginald Campbell d1941
George MacLennan d1946, buried in the old cemetery at St Comghan's.


  1. I see the names of the two New Zealand air force pilots who lost their lives locally are not remembered on the memorial.
    Would this be an interesting and appropriate addition to the report?

  2. Yes a good idea ,our village of kemsing has even produced a booklet,all because a brownie asked about the person named on the wooden cross she was about to put near the war memorial,Each child places a named cross as the names are read.

  3. Jon, have you seen this website
    Kilchoan is on there with some photos but doesn't have the names and details submitted. Perhaps you can put information you find onto this site.

  4. On the WW II memorial I noticed no names recorded between 1941 and 1946 (1946?) and am curious about that. Over here we have similar memorials in our town and of course we have the Korean War, Vietnam and the Gulf War, not to mention the current mess. Too many of such bright young promise have died.

    Another question -- no women on either memorial -- surely there must have been a ferry pilot, a driver, nurse, or even a female spy?