Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Visit in February

Mid-February may not seem the ideal time for a visit to the west coast of Scotland and Ardnamurchan in particular but Sue, who is a regular visitor through the year, chose her week carefully and was rewarded with some brilliant winter weather.

This is the foghorn at Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, a busy place in summer but I would be surprised if Sue saw anyone there.

It's also a great month for red deer. While stalking continues on the hinds, the stag season is over so they're less nervy, and have yet to lose their antlers.

The Ardnamurchan Estate cattle look picturesque in the warm light of this shot but anyone who has driven this road in a hurry and met one of the herds will know that it is of little use trying to push past them.

On a clear day in February, the low sun and often crystal-clear air are magic for anyone with a camera. This is Camas nan Geall with Mull in the distance.

Many thanks to Sue for the photos.

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