Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Stillness of Sunset

If this is what the Sound of Mull looked like yesterday, some time before the main storm came through when winds were gusting well into force 9, then....

....this is a view across Kilchoan Bay this evening, with hardly a ripple troubling the surface, so....

....the divers, gulls and otters have been able to catch up on the hunting they missed in yesterday's maelstrom.

We've had a truly beautiful evening, the only sound the slow wash of the swell stirred up by yesterday's winds. This is the Isle of Arran on her way to Castlebay, with Mull behind her.

To round off the day the sun setting behind Sron Bheag lit the underside of a cloud that was doing its best to provide a bit of excitement by forming mammatus structures.

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