Saturday, 15 October 2016

The End of Ormsaigbeg

Readers may remember this picture, which was taken on a walk on Thursday (post here). It took us to the very end of Ormsaigbeg, beyond the Twins' house and along the ledge of land which ends abruptly.... a vertical drop to the rocky beach some fifty metres below.

It's a walk we've done often over the past 20 years, but the reason we did it again - apart from the pleasure of it - was to check a report by Dominic Cooper that there were carvings on some rocks at the very edge of the cliff.

I suppose it is that, when confronted with both a fine view and, at the same time, a lethal drop, one doesn't look too closely at what's around ones feet because we had never noticed them before - two are visible at bottom right in this picture.  There are five or six in all, the clearest being HMD 1959 and another being DMD 1924.

After this, as can be seen in the top picture, we climbed the steep scree slope to the site of what may have been the site of a satellite settlement to Ormsaigbeg. This is where, on Saturday 8th October - see post here - I found....

....a fungus which caused some interest - read the comments at the bottom of the post. One of the writers asked me to go back and check the fungus again - but it has disappeared, possibly into the mouth of one of the sheep which graze the area to a carpet.

All we found was this loose piece, perhaps dropped during the meal.

Many thanks to Dominic for drawing our attention to the carvings.

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