Thursday, 13 October 2016

October Sunshine

People who have lived here for many years are beginning to say that this is the longest spell of fine October weather they can remember. What's so glorious about it is that the air is wonderfully clear, so views are spectacular - this one looks east along the houses of Ormsaigbeg....

....while this looks the other way, along the slope which is marked on OS maps as Cuingleum and across the Sound to Mull.

The temperature has been up around 18C during the day while there have been reports of frost in Kilchoan at night. The warmth and sunshine have brought the butterflies out. Two red admirals seem to spend most of their day feeding on our escallonia, and we've even seen the brief appearance of a white.

Of course, even in such beautiful weather someone has to get tetchy and pick a fight. These two gulls were having a real go at each other on the shore below the shop.

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