Sunday, 23 October 2016

Beyond Fascadale

A week ago, there were a few redwings around, tucking in to this year's heavy berry crop; now the sky is filled with flocks of redwings and fieldfares, and some of the trees - this is a rowan at Caim - seem to be laden with more birds than berries.

Another sign of the passing season is that the hills have quietened, with only the occasional roar from a rutting stag. We disturbed this fine animal just past the cairn on our way.... walk at Fascadale this morning, on a day which has seen uninterrupted blue skies from sunrise to sundown.

It's best to walk at Fascadale only after a run of fine weather as our preferred walks start with fording the Allt Fascadale. This picture looks across the burn to the oak woodland which clothes the sides of its steep glen, towards the peak of Meall an Fhir-eoin.

With the temperature around 15C, a light wind, and warm sunshine, this was perfect walking weather, with plenty of time to stop and enjoy the views across the Minch to the Small isles. In this picture, Eigg is on the left and the hills of Skye towards the right.

Between Fascadale and Sanna there are miles of open walking, with only one, easily negotiated fence between the settlements. While there is a marked track to follow, we walked closer to the coast and were constantly having to turn inland to work out way round steep-sided inlets so, as we progressed westwards, we were steadily overtaken by a yacht out for a leisurely sail.

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