Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Sunshine at Camas nan Geall

Les Humphreys took this photograph on Sunday evening, looking out from the hill above Camas nan Geall across the Sound of Mull to Mull and the open Atlantic Ocean, with the Kilchoan-Tobermory ferry on its last crossing of the day - and it's typical of the weather we've been enjoying.

Early morning on the road out to Camas nan Geall today was noisy with the sounds of the rut. This stag had collected a small harem near the Beinn nan Losgann forestry. If he looks a bit head-down weary it was probably because he'd been up all night dealing with a younger stag who was away to the right of this picture.

This is Camas nan Geall at ten on what can only be described as a perfect Ardnamurchan morning, in weather which we're getting used to but fear that we'll have to pay for once winter arrives.

This house at Camas nan Geall was built some time in the mid-nineteenth century probably for the commercial sheep farmer who was renting the area off the Ardnamurchan Estate at that time.

I was there to do some further investigations into the history of the clachan which existed on the site before it was cleared, perhaps as early as the mid-eighteenth century, to make way for sheep farming - but was continually distracted by the warmth of the morning and the insects that were enjoying it. This is a female brown hawker damselfly, the first I have seen, a species which is late-flying, though this must be very late for this part of the world. See link here.

Many thanks to Les for his photograph.


  1. The house at Camus Nan Geall was rented by a Iain Mhor Mac Sween from Appin He had it for eight years before emigrating to New Zealand

  2. Sorry but the ferry doesn't run on a Sunday at this time of year

  3. Yes, it was Saturday, as Les made quite clear when he wrote to me.

    Very interested in your comment, Anonymous. Do you have any other information about Camas nan Geall? If you are willing to share it, please contact me on kilchoandiary@btinternet.com. Jon