Monday, 24 October 2016

Jonathan and Kilchoan

From Jonathan's Family:

The Ball family will be in Kilchoan again on Wednesday to say goodbye to Jonathan - husband, brother and friend.

Jonathan cemented the family’s long association with the remote end of the Ardnamurchan peninsula by moving there, and making the shop and community his life. That association started when, as children, the family visited Kilchoan and Sanna during many summer holidays. The ferry, the shop, the (working) lighthouse and that sandy bay remain a fond memory for us all. It was Jonathan’s favourite area of Scotland. He introduced Susanne to its delights and she was also charmed, agreeing it was worth the struggle and upheaval to make the move north.
Jonathan was never one to be put off by set backs, changing course when he realised something was impossible, but never giving up if he could see a way through. He was always willing to help others, even at his own expense, if he thought he could make a difference. 

His acceptance of his paralysis after the operation to remove part of his tumour was typical of him, as was his immediate conclusion that he needed yet another car in order that he could get around when he came home! He was straight on the case of how the right vehicle could be acquired and delivered to Kilchoan. It duly was and, much to everyone’s surprise, he got out to see the land and community he loved - right to the end.

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of sympathy. We would especially like to thank all those who helped Susanne care for Jonathan. They did far more than was expected of them and made such a difference.

Jonathan’s funeral service will be at 2pm on Wednesday, in Ardnamurchan Parish Church. You are all welcome to join us to remember him and say farewell.

Photographs taken in Orsmaigbeg this morning.

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  1. Having known Jonathan for almost 50 years I can only agree. One of my Dad's favourite comments from my youth comes to mind 'there is no such thing as can't' and was used on many occasions when Jonathan was working on his first Mini in our workshop at our family home until the early morning - with his never ending bag of liberty print rags.

    So many happy memories.

    Kelston Tobin