Sunday, 23 October 2016

National Apple Day

From our Gardening Correspondent:
To mark National Apple Day and bring the season to a close, the Community Garden held a celebration of all things apple yesterday. Gill and David with a team of volunteers had organised a fantastic range of apple-related food, drink and games. There were delicious toffee apples, apple juice freshly squeezed from a press and of course cider. The team had organised many activities during the afternoon including the chance to make earrings and necklaces out of tiny apples, an apple based quiz (did you know that apple pips contain cyanide and that the study of apples is called pomology?) and to buy bags of local apples donated by Meall mo Chridhe.

The longest peel competition was keenly fought but....

....the highlight was the apple bobbing final with many spectators getting as wet as the competitors as apples and water flew out of the bowls. The Community Garden would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated time and produce, and to the people who turned up to make the day a success.

Many thanks to our correspondent for pictures and story.

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