Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ormsaigbeg Before 1903

This is the view of Ormsaigbeg from Maol Buidhe, the hill at the western end of the township, taken this morning on what must be an almost perfect October day, with the wind steady in the southeast and hardly a cloud in the sky. I had gone up there at least in part to capture....

....a shot of the Twin's house to go with the earlier post today, to give Darryl and his relatives an idea of how tiny an area of arable land his ancestors were given to work, but also.... take this picture. It shows the west end of Ormsaigbeg from almost the exact spot where....

....this one was taken some time before 1903. The difference is startling, with the fields all worked, the road a mere track, and the few houses all single-storey croft houses

The houses are - 1: Lag na Lion   2: Lighthouse View  3: Burnbank  4: Tigh Nisbet  5: Achnashee  6: Port Beag.

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  1. Lovely 'Before & After' photos Jon, I will add them to my family history Ormsaigbeg collection. The McDonald's were part of the Highland Clearences on 'The Hornet'in 1854. You and Mrs Diary will have connections all over Australia when you come to visit.