Friday, 14 October 2016

Kilmory & Achateny Photographs

Dorothy Parker has contacted me. She is a Colthart, from a family which owned and ran Acheteny Farm for many years, and someone who describes herself as having had the privilege of being brought up on the farm on Ardnamurchan's beautiful north coast. Her father was Henry Colthart and her grandfather was Robert Dan Colthart.

Dorothy has kindly sent some pictures from her album, the first of which shows the farm house and buildings in the 1960s, while....

....this one shows the entrance to the drive which runs round the front of the house.

While the farmhouse and many of the buildings still stand - the house is now let as a holiday home by the Ardnamurchan Estate, here - Dorothy also includes....

....a picture of a building which has long gone, the Free Church at Kilmory.

Dorothy attended Kilmory Primary School, which is now a residence. Dorothy adds, "Next month I am meeting up with the last group of pupils who attended the school, up until its closure in 1962."

Many thanks to Dorothy for allowing me to publish her pictures.
These and other pictures are on the West Ardnamurchan Vintage Photograph site - here.


  1. Great to see these old photos,....

  2. My grandfather, William Colthart, worked on Achateny farm many years ago with his uncle. We love this area and holiday here several times a year. We are currently in Portuairk watching over beautiful Sanna.