Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blue Skies & Sunshine on 1st October

"Please, please can October continue in the way it has started," sang the yellowhammer from the power line.

October can be one of the best months here, and yesterday's blue skies and light winds, with temperatures rising to nearly 19C around midday, showed what the month's weather can do.

The insects were out, behaving as if it were mid-summer. This bumblebee has excellent taste: it's enjoying the African honey spilled round the edge of the lid of my honey pot.

A peacock butterfly was visiting the flowers in our garden, stopping to bask in the sunshine.

The day provided one mystery. Why did the Isle of Lewis, on its morning run from Castlebay to Oban, turn and enter Tobermory harbour at around 11.15 and stay in the harbour for some fifty minutes?


  1. HI Jon, Someone had taken Ill on the Ferry and was transferred to Tobermory lifeboat for medical help.

  2. Hi Jon ... I read somewhere that it was dangerous to let our local bees eat honey from overseas sources because of the risk of contamination ... I've been frantically trying to find where I read that, without success, but I think it's something to do with a disease called foulbrood but I could well be wrong ... maybe your highly educated readership would know better than me

  3. ahhh ... I found the reference about honey, it's here

  4. Thanks, May - we guessed it was something like that. Hope they're okay. Jon

  5. Believe me, cazinatutu - the bee didn't have long on my precious honey! I took a picture because it's the first time that's happened, and we often have the honey outdoors with us. As I said a discerning bee. Jon