Monday, 10 October 2016

Dawn at the Ferry Terminal

The arrival of the ferry for the eight o'clock service to Tobermory now coincides with the dawn. It's a wonderful time of day to be out, to stand in the still silence and watch the colours spread across the sky, colours which....

....catch the hills if one turns and looks in the opposite direction to the sunrise. This is the western end of Ormsaigbeg and, to the right, Glas Eilean.

As the sun lifts higher above the horizon and begins to hide itself behind strips of ragged cloud the colours change, and the light picks out the mist hanging between the layered hills of Morvern.

The colour only lasts a few minutes, fading to grey. Walking back past the jetty below the shop, two herons were fishing near the mouth of the Millburn, but as cars began to arrive and doors slam....

....they left to find somewhere a little more peaceful.

1 comment:

  1. Third image is very beautiful.
    Will be back in your neck of the woods in two weeks time, hope the weather is as settled !