Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Henry Goes Walkabout

From The Raptor:
.....who is the manservant to a cat called Henry, who owns Ardnamurchan Estate.

"Henry has decided that he needs a break from home so has gone on holiday. Now it's not the first time he has gone walkabouts but this time it has been over a week and somehow feels like it may be longer. On previous occasions he has only been gone a few days, and would even return overnight to devour his food and the treats I leave out every night, but this hasn't happened this time.

"However, he did decide to visit me on Friday 8th October at the Estate office. He hung around all day, allowing me to give him much longer than usual hugs, something he was never to keen on, but that day I was walking around holding him and giving him lots and lots of cuddles and he showed no sign of wanting to leave me. Later that day he spent a long time in the laundry helping the ladies with the washing and as they were leaving they had to usher him out of the door.

"Then last night the phone rang. It was Sandy the handy man. He had just spotted Henry. Where? Where else but at Mingary Cottages where we used to live, but the news this time was even worse! He seems to have set himself up with a girlfriend. He was skulking about under the cars with a slinky black and white female cat that has moved into our old house. They were lying side by side under a car watching Sandy's every move, and no matter what bribery he tried Henry was not for leaving the side of his new love.

"So I have to be happy that he seems to be ok and has a new friend, but I do miss him. So does Callan. There's no morning meeting and greeting in the over-enthusiastic way only a dog can greet anyone. Even the neighbours seem to be missing him sitting on the window ledge keeping an eye on their goings on. But mostly I miss him curling up on my lap of an evening and happily purring away (him not me). 

"So Henry if you read this please come home, or at least send a postcard."

Many thanks to the Raptor for story & pictures.

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