Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fencing Cladh Chiarain Graveyard

The Ardnamurchan History & Heritage Association had permission from Historic Environment Scotland to replace the wire fence round the graveyard at Camas nan Geall (bottom left in photo). Since this is a scheduled monument, it has to be done very carefully: for example, the new stobs had to go into the holes left by the ones we removed.

Previously, members of the association had spent a day on the work but had found it very hard going - see post here. When the fence was first put in, it was run along an old wall, something which shouldn't have happened as this may be the wall round an original chapel. Banging stobs into the wall's rocks was one reason for the job being so difficult.

So we employed professional fencer John-Alec Cameron, left, assisted by Norrie Hall. Norrie lives in Livingston but has been coming up to Ardnamurchan on holiday for over 40 years.

While John-Alec and Norrie made rapid progress with the fence, I took the opportunity to do some gardening. We've been cutting back the bracken, flags and nettles for three years now, so clearing the site is a relatively quick business.

While the field in which the graveyard is sited is used for silage during the summer, sheep graze it through the winter. As can be seen, the wall round the graveyard has suffered damage over the years, so the new fence will now keep them out.

I returned this morning to see the finished result and to take the photographs which have to be sent to Historic Environment Scotland in order to close the job.

Many thanks indeed to all who have helped: John-Alec and Norrie, Jim, James and George, the Ardnamurchan Estate which provided all the materials, and those involved at Historic Environment Scotland.

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